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In memoriam: Noda Histaka

(Noda Histaka was the director of PachiTangLang Japan, and one of Grandmaster Su foremost students. This text was written by Grandmaster Su’ s daughter, Iting Su.)

In memoriam to our fellow in arms Noda Histaka

By Iting Su

I remember, that was about 21 years ago, dad, Master Su Yu Chang, let me know a Japanese student who comes to our house, then we lived in Caracas, Venezuela. It was the first time that I knew Noda Hisataka. He came to our house, saw the objects we had at home, many weapons. He recognized what it was each of the objects. But the most surprising was, he recognized the handwriting of Master Liu Yun Chiao: there was a fan, was the written on that, on top of my piano. He said: “That is the written of the Master Liu.” I said, with my ignorance: “No !?” He said: “Yeah, sure”.  I could not remember his face in that time, just remember that it seemed so strange that a Japanese comes from so far away to recognise objects of our house, and also knew more than me. Today, I understand that, he was studying and researching martial arts in the First Person.

We would not match until 2000th year, was in the International Pachitanglang Course, celebrated in Taiwan. So him led a large group of Japanese students. I had little idea about him, from Martial Arts videos he edited. I had seen them, they were the best that had done so far. I thought, of course, “made ​​in Japan; Soni, Panasoni…” However, it is not only technology, is the accuracy of the contents, the hard work is inside which correctly reflected Pachitanglang studies. It is noteworthy that in international courses, if we started at such a time, he alone or with his students had done first before all the other students. Also impressed me, so true and correct acting under the orders of Master Su. Speed,  efficiency and accuracy. He is a student and teacher, 100% dedicated to the teachings of Pachitanglang, both practically and theoretically.

Noda San was very hospitable to guest’s students from other countries. No lacked details and focus on courses he organized. If previously there was war between Japan and Taiwan, is not the fault of our generation, among people Pachitanglang have shown that peace and love is possible between the two countries. And so it also extends to other countries. Fans of martial arts also are lovers of world peace.

Martial arts is not just to be long lived, and great fighters, those are not the only targets. We exercise our body, also our soul (heart). We learn to be stronger on the outside and inside. The martial spirit is not measured by years we lived, but by how we have lived. Noda San suddenly left without saying goodbye, which is his characteristic humility. He worked with Master Su, behind the scenes; and likewise wanted to leave quietly, at a time knowing that his work has culminated in this life. He has left a great legacy to continue to support all students of Pachitanglan and others Martial Arts. His humility is glorification of his constancy, work and honesty. This is the spirit of a martial warrior, both in body and soul. We all know what our day of birth, but nobody know when we die. Hopefully, my last day of life, be like him, peaceful, with the feeling of having done well, what I have to accomplish in this life.

In memory of a great teammate and martial warrior.